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Shores Music is a family of musicians and artists passionate to release the sounds and songs that are hidden inside. For years people have talked about the new sounds that are coming, the reality is that we ARE the new sound that God is releasing on the earth. We are a song for Him to sing. Jesus was a song that was released on this earth to bring all of creation in harmony with the Father. John the Baptist was a voice, a sound, in the wilderness.
David didn't just write songs and psalms, his life was a song, wether he was in the pasture or in the palace. It's about knowing Him and letting the duet of our relationship release the sounds and songs that God has hidden inside the place where only He has the key, our hearts. 

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Faithful Friend

faithful friend

Faithful Friend is the newest album from Nic and Rachael Billman.  Previously released in Portuguese, there was such a demand from our English speaking friends that Nic and Rachael went back into the studio and recorded the English tracks to each song. With some new versions of previously released songs and 3 brand new songs, we believe this is our best album yet. Most of these songs have been written on the streets of brazil or in our rescue home, and they impart the Father's heart and the spirit of adoption beautifully. The title track Faithful Friend is being sung in churches all over Brazil and has become a daily anthem for our ministry and the girls that we are rescuing. We pray that you enjoy this album as much as we do!

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Shores Music is a part of the Shores of Grace ministries family. All our proceeds (minus operating costs) are fed back into our ministry to Brazil.

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